Environmental guidelines

Filter- und Pumpentechnik Hülswitt GmbH is aware of its responsibility towards nature and strives
to minimize and gradually reduce the impact of its own business activities on the environment.

Compliance with environmental regulations

It goes without saying that we comply with all environmental regulations, but we are also committed to continuously improving our environmental performance through additional measures and anticipating future requirements.

Resource consumption

We use resources such as energy, water and raw materials sparingly and efficiently, increasingly use resources that are produced sustainably and conserve natural resources, and strive to continuously reduce our consumption of resources.

Hazardous substances

We reduce our consumption of hazardous substances and ensure that the necessary hazardous substances are handled safely. When storing and disposing of hazardous substances, we ensure that no hazardous substances escape and contaminate the environment.

Product development

We develop and manufacture competitive, high-quality products whose environmental impact during production, use and disposal is as low as possible.


As far as possible and economically justifiable, we purchase environmentally friendly and regional products and services and maintain a fair and trusting relationship with our suppliers.

Continuous improvement

We regularly record all relevant environmental data, use it to develop measures to optimize our production processes and organizational procedures and provide sufficient resources to implement the measures developed.


We motivate our employees to act in an environmentally conscious manner and involve them in the development and implementation of measures to improve our environmental performance.

Transparent communication

We communicate our environmentally relevant activities transparently both internally (employees) and externally (business partners and authorities).

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