Our separators are used for continuous cleaning and maintenance of contaminated liquids – e.g. from cooling lubricant / emulsion or at machine tools as well as from water or suds in the plant construction (stainless steel design).

Magnetic separators are used for continuous separation of magnetic (ferritic) particles from liquids. They may be deployed both in full flow (e.g. for pre-separation, to reduce the dirt content of a downstream filter system) or in partial flow (e.g. in a circulating system for continuous removal of dirt from a system).

Tramp oils, which have unintentionally entered a liquid and have been deposited on the liquid surface (e.g. hydraulic oils, bedway oils, preservation oils, …), may be extracted and removed using a special skimmer belt. In this process, contaminations which are bonded with the removed oils may also be separated.

The separators are adapted by us to meet the specific application case of the customer and may be offered as individual devices or as accessories for a filter system.

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