Filters / filter systems

Filters / filter systems

Our filter systems are used for continuous cleaning of contaminated liquids – e.g. from cooling lubricant / emulsion or oil at machine tools as well as from water or suds in the plant construction (stainless steel design).

Gravity belt filters in flatbed or deep-bed design are the most frequently used filtration systems. The use of gravity filtration means a low level of structural and technical expenditure which leads to high reliability and a favourable price-performance ratio. By changing the filter fleece (consumable material), the customer can react quickly and simply to changed deployment or process conditions.

In the case of larger volume flows, higher viscosities or finer filtration, vacuum belt conveyors are available, which suck the liquid through the filter fleece (consumable) with the help of special filter pumps, so that significantly greater specific performances can be achieved than with gravity belt filters.

If deployment and process conditions permit, consumable-free filter systems such as endless belt or drum filters may be deployed. These are used for filtration instead of filter fleeces (consumables), endless belt filters or filter drums, which in the event of contamination are automatically back-flushed with clean liquid.

Wedge wire filters are mainly used for consumable-free pre-separation of coarse impurities. On principle, the working principle is similar to the belt filter; in this case wedge wires are used for filtration, which in the event of contamination can be cleaned automatically with wipers or brushes or can be back-flushed with clean liquid.

We adapt the filter systems to meet the specific application case of the customer. Along with single filters, we also offer complete filter systems, which can be equipped with tanks, control, pump and valve technology as well as additional accessories.

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