Pump stations / pumps

Pump stations / pumps

Our pump stations are deployed, for example, at machine tools for the conveyance of cooling lubricant / emulsion or oil, as well as in plant construction for the transport of water or suds (stainless steel designs).

Lifting / return pump stations are used for the recirculation of contaminated liquid (e.g. from a machine tool back to a filtration system) and thus have a distinctive structural design and special feed pumps.

Pump / pressure boosting stations are used for the supply of clean liquid, e.g. when connecting a machine or plant to an existing central system or for the retrofitting of a high-pressure supply to an existing filter system or pump station.

The pump stations are adapted by us to meet the specific application case of the customer and may, if required, be equipped with control, filter and valve technology. Along with pump stations, we can also design and supply individual pumps for the conveyance of cooling lubricant / emulsion or oil for machine and plant construction (new or replacement requirements).

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